Burning Tree

Summary of Session 5

No Magicals

Timeline: 10AM 28th of Kythorn- 12AM 29th of Kythorn

Leaving behind Jamril Undar the Magnificent to guide the ent Olly, slow as he was, the remainder of the group spent the 28th of Kythorn travelling south to what they learned was Lavigner, a moderate town ruled by a governor who reported to the Council of 12, the rulers of the Confederacy of Impiltur. They hoped to find their companion Donald mac Donald there.

At the gates of Lavigner, they noticed a woman crying. Sepharim pulled up beside her and Sondra jumped down to console her, and the party learned that the woman’s son Paul was missing. Merrick then instructed the party that they were to meet him 2 days hence at the Cockatrice and Coeurl, early in the morning, where they would deliver their report of what had happened to Ellig and the general situation of the Earthwood Forest. Despite not liking the commandment of Brigadier Merrick, they agreed, and went to find lodgings for the night. They left instructions to the guard not to attack the ent and wizard when they came to town, though the guard assured them that ‘no magicals’ were allowed inside.

At the local inn they found Donald in the corner, high on mushrooms again and a couple of beers deep. They ordered another round on the house and formulated a plan of how to spend their day in Lavigner. Grogo decided it would be an excellent idea to put on a show to raise funds, and suggested that he stage a match with Donald, while using the rest of the party’s skills as well: e.g., Horfanus spreading the word and providing music, while the rogue Wilfred liberated money from those not free with their compensation. First, they determined, seeing it to now be night on the 28th of Kythorn, they ought to secure handwritten permission from the governor for the performance. The barbarian then broke down the door, trying to push it the wrong way.

They found the several story-high governor’s manse in the center of the city, and on the way there a city square which made an excellent venue. Beneath one of the benches Horfanus spied a peculiar writing, which he made to check out. As he did so, a man sitting at the bench sized up Grogo, and by happenstance asked if he was willing to put on a gladiatorial contest for the town, fighting against his champion. However, Grogo was unwilling to take the fall for the man’s champion, and the man left, spitting. Now free to look beneath the bench, Wilfred was able to decipher a message left in Thieve’s Cant, stating that a treasure was to be had beneath the ‘old bridge.’

Meanwhile, Donald was pounding at the door to the governor’s manse, where a sleepy guard asked him what he wanted. Not really remembering, Donald backed off until Grogo asked if they could get permission for a performance the next day at the square. The guard, seeing his chance to go back to sleep said, sure, whatever. Not a half-minute later, the door pounded again, and the guard told them what the ‘old bridge’ might be, to the south of town.

The party investigated the bridge, which turned out to be above the sewage drainage at the edge of town, quite to their dissatisfaction. They were unable to find anything of use until Sudbury recognized a compass rose on the underside of the bridge. Assuming the north to be of import, they checked if they could see anything beyond the sewer grates, but deemed it to be much too dangerous, especially while missing their wizard.

Returning to the inn, they finished arranging their lodgings and washed the sewage off of themselves, hoping that the governor would aid them in promoting their perfomance.



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